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Quality is our Vocation

Our jacquard harnessses are equipped with excellent quality, highly reliable materials, such as SAXON'S® harness cords and aluminium and steel frames with the possibility of individual comber board regulation, return springs specifically designed for the loom characteristics, Jacquard machine and type of product to produce.

All harnesses are supplied leveled and drawn in and are assembled by our specialised in-house personnel.
A new automatic levelling system makes it possible to obtain an excellent product, while limiting the production costs of Jacquard harnesses.
Competence, Qualiy, Service and Courtesy are the fundamental principles which allow us to be ideal partners for Yuor Company.

We design and create harnesses for straight looms, including: rapier looms, air-jet looms, projectile looms, old shuttle looms and needle looms for labels and belts.

Services offers
  • Customer contacts
  • Harness lay out
  • In-house Production
  • Reed Drawing in and reeding
  • Assembly with our personnel
  • Post-sales Assistence

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