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Historic Archive
An enormous source of ideas, samples, and old fabrics, collected over time are the starting point for developing new designs and proposals.

We create designs for jacquard fabric for furniture, clothing, label, technical fabrics, terrycloth, gobelin, table linens, damask for mattresses, for electronic and mechanicla machines and cards.
We provide all of the experience and creativity of our qualified staff, offering a service both in terms of proposals and suggestions, acting as a technical consultant.
Customer contacts, availability, flexibility and quick creation are the foundations of our work.

All processing processes are developed and implemented by our in-house personnel: from definition of the design to creation of the sketch, from the technical drawing ti processing through fabric simulation different options including supply of the support on fabric file, punched paper or old cards.

Services offered
  • Fabric simulation - different options
  • Cording tests to search for new effects
  • Technical consulation
  • Archiving from Verdol paper on electronic format
  • Punching from floppy disk to Verdol paper 448-896-1344
  • Punching from floppy disk to Vincenzi carde 880-1320
  • Punching from floppy disk to Jacquard card 200-400
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